How to Apply for Aadhar Card Online

By | April 6, 2017

Aadhar Card Online

Are you planning to get an Aadhar Card and wondering how to go about it. Here is your answer on how to apply for Aadhar Card? This post will guide you through the whole process of applying it. As this Unique Identification number is becoming more and more important and getting into wide use day by day; it is really necessary that you too apply for it. The best way to get your Aadhar card is just through your nearby Aadhar Card enrolment center. It is not possible to apply for Aadhar card completely online as it requires some records of every individual like thumb impressions, retina scan and digital signatures. Besides aadhar card, you can also get the info about the pan card from our website. Keep checking our website for more other such guides.

However you can search for your nearest enrolment centre, can book Aadhar card appointment and can also download the Application form as well e-Adhar card online after the UID number is issued to you. Meanwhile, you can also check your Aadhar card status after enrolling or applying for it. Since applying for Aadhar Card will require you to get in touch with your nearest Aadhar Card enrolment center and also some mandatory documents to be submitted to the authority; we will also detail you on these facets too.

Find below the complete procedure to get enrolled for the Aadhar Card.

apply for aadhar card

Procedure for Aadhar Card Application / Enrolment

Below steps will just guide you to the process of getting enrolled for the Aadhar Card at the Aadhar Card enrolment center. Application form for Aadhar can be collected from the respective Aadhar Card centers or can be downloaded online. We have a link to download the application form for aadhar card at the later section in this article.

Steps to apply for Aadhar Card

  1. Visit your nearest Aadhar Card Center. Click here to get Aadhar Card enrolment center details in any city of India. Just fill in your state and city details and get the address of your nearest Aadhar Card Center.
  2. Submit the Application Form duly filled in along with the required documents.
  3. Also carry your original documents for verification purpose.
  4. The officials at the Aadhar Card center will be verifying your original documents and will be receiving the copies of the same.
  5. The original documents will be duly returned to you immediately upon verification which takes just few minutes.
  6. Once your documents are verified, you will be going through your bio metric details (finger prints or thumb impression), photograph and retina scan by the officials. Hence you don’t need to carry your photograph for the application as it will be taken at the Aadhar card center itself.
  7. After completion of all above process, you will be asked to go through at a glance all the information that has been entered into the system by the officials, so that you can make any corrections like in name or spell errors in your details right at that moment only.
  8. After you verify all your details to be true, your application will be completed by the officials.
  9. Finally, you will be issued an acknowledgement or enrolment receipt / slip which will be carrying your enrolment number and date and time of your enrolment. Do preserve it safely as you can track your status by using this enrolment number and date and time of your enrolment.

Aadhar Card Application Form Download

The first document you will require to submit while applying for Aadhar Card is the duly filled in Application form. You can receive the Application form either from the Aadhar card enrolment center or can download it online in pdf format. The application form can also be used to apply for any correction of data you require in your existing Card. This unique identification number can be applied for by any citizen of India and the same will be valid across the country.

Click here to download Application Form

We have also posted separately on how to check Aadhar card status online which will be very useful to you once you apply for it. It is also known as UID card now. In case if you are looking for UID status then you can do same from our website. We have provided a step by step guide for the same.

All measures have been taken by government in all states to speed up the process of application of the Aadhar Card at the centers. However, we recommend you to take all the necessary documents like proof of residence, proof of date of birth and proof of identity (photo id) in originals as well Xerox copies to avoid the delays.  If you have lost your aadhar card or don’t know the number, then you can find aadhar card status by name too. Again, there is a comprehensive tutorial available about the same. The application form should also be filled up completely and correctly. With our above step wise procedure for application of Aadhar card, we are sure it would be an easy task for you to go about it. However in case of any query regarding how to apply for Aadhar Card, you can send share it with us.

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