Income Tax Payment- How to Make IT Payment Online?

By | April 7, 2017

Income Tax Payment

Government is updating various procedures from time to time to make them completely digital for greater convenience of users and authorities. The income tax department of India offers quick online facility to make payment of your income tax in form your Advance tax payment or Self-Assessment tax payment or payment of your Regular Assessment Tax. Follow the complete procedure of online income tax payment shared here and know how to pay your income tax online from your comfortable place without any hassle and confusion. We have presented here a great guide for Indian tax payers for convenient tax payment.

Well, if you are looking to track your income tax refund status, you can refer to our separate post on the same that we have updated at our site with other useful posts on UID status,Rashan card, passport related information and pan card status.

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How to Make your Income Tax Payment Online?

While you can make your income tax payment online as well offline, it is extremely convenient and time saving to pay it online at the government site. While our write-up will surely make the procedure clear, you can also check the complete demo at youtube too.

Follow the below steps to pay your income tax online:


  1. Visit the governmental site for e-payment which will be appearing titled as Tax Information Network.
  2. You can now select the option of Challan No./ITNS 280 (payment of income tax and corporation tax) right at the home page.


  1. Choose the Assessment year for which you want to pay tax at the e-Payment titled page.
  2. If you are an individual and want to pay your IT, select the button of 0021. In case of company or firm, select 0020 option for corporation tax.
  3. Fill in the necessary details in all the text boxes as required including PAN number, assessment year, address, email id and phone number. Also you need to fill in type of payment (refer point no. 6), your bank name and the captcha code at the bottom.
  4. At the Type of Payment, select Self-Assessment Tax (300) option if the financial year for which you are paying tax is already ended. If the year is running currently, choose the (100) Advance tax option. Select the option of Tax on Regular Assessment (400), when the demand for payment is raised by IT department.
  5. Click on Proceed tab once you finish filling up the details completely.


You will get the Net Banking Page after proceeding further where you can check the information once again you filled in. Enter the income tax to be paid in the relevant field. You can leave the fields of education cess, surcharge, interest and penalty unfilled.


Now you can see your Challan 280 ready. The Challan 280 will show the details of your payment on the taxpayer’s counterfoil at left bottom page and the BSR code and challan number on the right side box of the page.

Tax Information Network was launched with an aim to modernize the monitoring, accounting, collecting and processing income taxes.

income tax payment

How to Check Income Tax Payment at Form 26AS

Once you deposit your tax, you can check if it has been updated at your Form 26AS. Check your Form 26AS after two to three days from the date of your e-payment.

Use your PAN Card no. as your login id. The password should be of your choice. After login, follow the option for Form 26AS and click it to view if your deposited Self Assessment Tax, Advance Tax or Regular Assessment tax is reflected there. Form 26AS is a consolidated statement of tax deducted by the tax deductors. This form shows all the details of the tax collected by IT department as well details of advance tax/ regular assessment tax /self assessment tax etc deposited by tax payers. It will also show the income tax refund payid by the IT department.

Besides above procedure of e-filing your income tax payment, we have posted guidelines to see your income tax refund status, PAN Card status, Passport Status. If you are planning to apply for any governmental documents like online passport application, and check out the complete procedures for application at our site with exact official online place to make the online applications. Our numerous updates will help you to carry out essential procedures in quite hassle-free ways by following our elaborated guidelines on each one.

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