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By | April 6, 2017

Voter ID Card Procedures and Details

Welcome to your Voter ID card status search with detailed verification process at this write-up. All adult citizens of democratic India enjoy a voting right and as we are the biggest democracy of the world, we have the choice of selecting the parties or individuals who will govern the country. Various measures are taken by Government from time to time to increase the awareness of voting right and to obtain Voter ID card among citizens. Voter ID card is a powerful weapon with citizens to exercise their rights by determining the government of the local municipal or state and country level.

voter id card status

Often the issue of misuse of voter id card surfaces with use of duplicate and fake cards for bogus voting. Awareness towards voter id card indirectly helps to curb such illegalities. Moreover it is also necessary to keep your voter card updated or renewed once you change your address. In this article, we are going to cover several important aspect about the voter card along with a detailed explanation on how to check voter ID card status online easily.

Voter ID Verification Process | Registration Process

The verification procedure of voter id card takes very less time. The voter card can be obtained after submission of the Form-6 at your concerned municipal corporation. To get rid of the cumbersome process of filling and submitting form-6 at the office of Municipal Corporation, the online filling of this form is now available. You get this form online by downloading it from the official site of Election Commission of India. You fill this form and directly submit it online or can also submit at your local municipal office.

Also note that you will have to go through the voter id verification process even after the online submission of the form-6. The verification process will be done at the municipal office of your area. Once you are given the voter id, you will have to register yourself as a voter to make sure that your name is now appearing on the list of voters for the specific ward. This registration is sort of a verification of your voter id card because if your name does not appear in the list, you will not be able to vote in spite of having your voter card. Once your name comes in the voter list, you can cast your vote for any party or for none. Election Commission of India has lately added the option of None of the Above in the list of the options for voting. This facility counts the vote of the individual in spite of not going in favour of any party.

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In case if your name is not appearing in the voter list of your ward, you can lodge a legal complaint with your ward office.

Search Voter Card Online: Voter ID Card Status

Election Commission of India’s portal offers online facility to check your name with the electoral roll or voter list by EPIC number as well as by your personal details. Follow the below links to search your name in the voter list by following below official links:

With above links you can search for your name with the voter list either by entering your name and other personal details or by entering your EPIC number. (EPIC number is the unique number allotted to every individual during his/her enrollment procedure.)

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